[Simulator News] Aerosoft CRJ Tutorials for MSFS2020

The Bombardier CRJ550 and CRJ700 are a family of regional jet airliners designed and manufactured by Canadian transportation conglomerate Bombardier. This aircraft has been collectively marketed by the company as the CRJ Series. Their design was derived from the smaller CRJ100 and 200 airliners. Officially launched in 1997, the CRJ700 having a seating range of 63 to 78, flew its maiden flight on 27 May 1999. Several additional variants of the type were subsequently introduced, including the CRJ550 with 50 seats in three classes.

Aerosoft has been developing the CRJ 550/700 aircraft, being the very first payware airliner coming for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now that the CRJ release date, which is still unknown to the public, is closing up, Aerosoft started to publish a video tutorial series for you to be more ready with the aircraft when it rolls out. Below is the first video, and more will follow later on. Also, the CRJ manual is already available from Aerosoft’s forum.

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