Update! MSFS2020 - Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Improvement Mod - V.1.9.6

                              Version 1.9.6

                              • -Fixed problem with SU10 causing white or blank gauges
                              • -Corrected position of passenger weight locations
                              • -Increased distance from centerline of passenger and pilot locations (more realistic distance apart).
                              • -Adjusted Mach overspeed aural indicator speed to better balance the Mach trigger point between high and intermediate altitudes.
                              • -Increased reverse thrust max power level available.
                              • -Updated panel.xml to include improved "don't sink" logic from SU8.
                              • -Restored thrust reverse toggle control after SU7 patch update - thank you Nezz
                              • -Activated fuel transfer pump function using in cockpit fuel transfer switch (approx. 6 gallons per minute (20 pounds / 30 seconds) per spec). This was inop previously.
                              • -Fuel Transfer and Boost Pump Advisory CAS (implemented basic logic)
                              • -revised fuel low warning to spec (500 lbs / 75 gallons or less per side)
                              • -revised glideslope pid to match stock a/c (better or not - can’t tell, but best to match the Asobo code if there’s not discernible reason to deviate)
                              • -revised nav hold pid
                              • -updated some minor panel.xml code to match post SU6 Asobo changes
                              • -“fuel valve closed” CAS caution logic
                              • -“spoilers disarmed” CAS caution logic
                              • -Fuel Boost Pump 1 CAS advisory
                              • -Fuel Boost Pump 2 CAS advisory
                              • -APU Gen Off CAS Logic updated (only triggered when APU% above 80)
                              • -Fuel Pressure CAS warning deprecated (couldn’t trigger in my testing but others have?)
                              • -Revised pitot heat CAS based on temperature (vs altitude) - Ubergeek
                              • -ISA deviation now displayed in MFD - Thank you Nezz
                              • -Green Trim range color now displayed in MFD - Thank you Nezz
                              • -Added Icing Caution CAS if Pitot or Airframe accumulates more than 10% icing coverage.
                              • -Revised Autothrottle PID to reduce autothrottle overshoot at high Mach number.
                              • -Minor electrical circuit pathway changes (real world circuit diagram and electrical bus assignments is proprietary, so this just constitutes some minor improvements based on pure guesswork).

                              Version 1.8.5

                              • -Restored External view Head Up Display instrumentation after SU5 update
                              • -Corrected flaps setting indicator in HUD to show flaps percentage (previously was showing 0% for all settings).
                              • -Improved rudder performance for heavy crosswind takeoff and landing and more docile rudder handling in flight.

                              Version 1.8.4

                              • updates installation, resolves induced drag increase from FU4, increases steering angle at low speeds.

                              Version 1.8.3.a

                              • -Fixes omitted removal of ai.cfg reference in layout.json. Version name stays 1.83 for all other references.
                              • -Restores compatibility with March 9 2021 Asobo update. The mod should work for all users once the Asobo update is installed.
                              • -Important note 1: As of the March 9 update, older versions of Working Title G3000 suite are not compatible with the default Longitude or with the modified version (I have not tested their most recent version). Revert to default avionics (remove Working Title G3000 modifications) until Working Title has an update available that is compatible.
                              • -Important note 2: Asobo have implemented a mach meter and mach hold setting indicator in the PFD speed tape. They have also fixed the Mach Hold functionality to work properly as altitude changes. These are welcome fixes / improvements. However, the barber pole in the speed tape is now further bugged and is now tied to the Mach meter transition speed (transition between True Airspeed indication and Mach). This is set to Mach 0.78 in the mod (0.79 in Asobo's latest update). This means that once transitioned to Mach readout above approximately Mach 0.78, your airspeed will be in the red. There is no clear fix for this other than doing away with the mach meter except when above Mmo overspeed (Mach 0.84). I've elected to leave this alone for now so we have a functional Mach meter and hope that Asobo will correct in a future update.

                              Version 1.8.2

                              Fix restoring tail registration graphic for users who installed 1.81b after reinstalling the default Longitude. Should represent a stable version going forward and avoid this bug appearing in subsequent modification package updates.

                              Version 1.8.1

                              • Reverts Flaps lift coefficient in the flight model to previous values to resolve Asobo Hotfix change to flaps lift coefficient to value prior to UK update.

                              Version 1.8.0

                              • -Significant changes to engine parameters to achieve improved, "on the numbers", climb performance at various aircraft weights. Aircraft should follow Cessna spec climb profiles (300 IAS to intercept Mach 0.8 - 457 to 460 KIAS for high speed climb, for example). The aircraft should be able to intercept M0.8 and hold this speed for a climb of approx. 23 minutes to FL430 at MTOW and 16 minutes to FL430 at a takeoff weight of 33k lbs. Climb profile used in Cessna's testing for high speed climb is 290 KIAS to 10k feet (unrestricted climb), 300 KIAS to intercept with M0.8 (at approx. FL300) and hold M0.8 to cruise altitude.
                              • -Adjusted engine thrust output as a function of N1 to bring this much closer to real world published N1 / performance results. The range of N1 values needed to maintain specific airspeeds, in particular at cruise, is quite narrow. This update improves performance to replicate this more narrow band of N1 vs thrust performance.
                              • -Adjusted PID values for autothrottle to improve speed capture and hold speeds in general and with narrower N1 / thrust banding. There will be more/faster throttle lever movements and adjustments, especially at lower altitudes and airspeeds. This is somewhat experimental at this time.
                              • -Adjusted aircraft lift paramaters to bring aircraft closer to real world V-speeds.
                              • -Further adjustments to stall speed boundaries and aoa limits. However, achieving realistic stall performance at the manufacturer tested speeds has not been possible without disrupting other significant aspects of aicraft performance - the sim doesn't read all values in the lift coeffiecient aoa table entries which makes this effort somewhat limited.
                              • -Slightly increased elevator authority to increase pitch control, especially at lower speeds like during takeoff and approach.
                              • -Corrected flaps lift coefficient after Asobo update from Feb. 16, 2021.
                              • -Corrected missing altitude alert callouts in OnAir version.

                              Version 1.7.5

                              • Fix is incorporated for problem with reverser sound coming on during flight while at high speed idle. Was achieved by adjusting minimum idle N1 value to 28%, without any knock-on effects on aircraft performance.
                              • Fixed low N1 power band (between 2x% and 60%) to provide more thrust control at low N1 values resulting in improvements to taxi and pattern power settings.
                              • Fixed issue with engine spoolup time being too quick and resulting in oscillations around target N1 value.
                              • Added altitude alert callouts from 500 feet to 50 feet when descending on approaches. 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, and 50 are modeled. Additional callouts may be possible by using third party mods available and may be included in subsequent release.
                              • Adjusted high angle of attack lift coefficients to produce more reasonable stall performance. There are some interesting and inconsistent Asobo modeling behaviors in this part of the modeled flight envelope and as such I will consider this modification to be experimental at this time. Further investigation and testing may yield further improvements and refinements. With this version, the aircraft aoa needle will enter the red zone and the stall aural alert will sound about 10 knots before the target stall speed for a given flaps and weight configuration is reached (prior versions would sound the stall alert as soon as the aoa arrow entered the red and at the target stall speed). As speed bleeds off and speed hits the target stall speed for the given configuration the aoa needle will be at the limit of the aoa meter. At stall speed, the aircraft will either continue to fly into the stall as airspeed decays or it may abruptly drop the nose or wing over (preferred behavior). In testing I have seen both behaviors with no explanation for why one or the other occurs, and I will continue to explore further to determine why the inconsistency occurs and attempt to finalize a build with a correct stall speed and behavior set.

                              Version 1.7.0

                              • Activated a new variable allowing for reversion to prior sim (FSX era) turbine engine modeling. Allows for far more accurate modeling of fuel consumption and thrust with increasing altitude. This solves the ongoing problem of the missing lapse rate for fuel consumption with decreasing air density in Asobo's new turbine engine modeling. Also resolves unrealistic engine temperature and N2 values that were a consequence of the efforts to optimize fuel consumption at cruise. A/C will now show decreasing fuel consumption with increasing altitude for a given Mach number. Model also shows an increasing fuel consumption as aircraft increases Mach number (prior versions showed an inverse relationship, which is not accurate). Additionally, the aircraft will now burn fuel at near spec during low altitude flight. Does not resolve prior issues with engine overspeed (lack of a FADEC model) while at maximum throttle and while using auto-throttle. You'll still have to manage your engines to avoid redline.

                              Version 1.6.0

                              • -Improved climb performance
                              • -Landing gear alert issue resolved
                              • -Lighting improvements from Uwajimaya
                              • -adjusted brightness of beacons
                              • -adjusted timing of red/white flashes for further accuracy
                              • -Adjusted VS hold selection increments to 50 ft from 100 ft.
                              • -ITT values adjusted.
                              • -Further adjustments to drag and thrust values to get ever closer to fidelity with Cessna test performance data for cruise at FL430.
                              • -Included a cameras.cfg file with a slightly higher default view point over the glareshield.

                              Version 1.51

                              • Corrected an issue with the version 1.50 CG revisions.

                              Version 1.50

                              • -Modified thrust and drag curves to allow accurate fuel consumption for Mach cruise between M0.74 to M0.80, which is where the Longitude operates most efficiently. Fuel consumption is optimized for cruise at 43,000 feet at ISA conditions - fuel burn numbers are now within 1% of Cessna spec at FL430 for all speeds between M0.74 and M0.84 and for most weights and loadings. This required increasing ground idle N1 value (this has an effect on N1 and power curves) a bit above real world values and then subsequently reducing thrust at the new, higher ground idle N1 settings to avoid unrealistic engine thrust at idle and low N1 values during ground operations.
                              • -Engine N1 and N2 limits implemented (96.79% N1 and 98.62% N2 in ISA conditions). In essence this is a crude attempt at implmenting one small aspect of the FADEC system that controls Longitude engines. However, this has the further benefit of limiting aircraft N1 (and therefore available thrust) in a variety of conditions, more accurately representing how the aircraft performs IRL. Please note this does have the disadvantage of introducing significant "dead space" in upper throttle lever angle / throw range when at cruise and some slight "bobbling" of fuel flow when at or above maximum throttle is set. This has been added to the open items list.
                              • -Limited ITT to 955 C at max takeoff thrust at rest on the ground in ISA conditions. As a trade-off, this reduces maximum temperature while a/c in flight at maximum continuous thrust, which is a known vanilla issue within Asobo's turbine engine modeling.
                              • -Adjusted center of gravity to more closely match real world figures and limits at various a/c weights and loadings.
                              • -Adjusted Autopilot vertical speed hold to smooth autopilot commanded pitch changes.
                              • -Adjusted autopilot altitude hold - reduced excursions from selected flight level while in cruise due to turbulence or other effects to within acceptable limits (+/- 65 ft of target altitude).
                              • Adjusted autothrottle speed hold - improved accuracy of autothrottle esp. during climbs - will now hold within 1 to 3 knots of target speed setting during climb and descent. Also reduced autothrottle induced hunting/surging behavior.
                              • -Modified electrical bus tie to revert to default behavior (will be Off by default) to avoid problems with ground and APU power not working correctly when bus tie can't be closed.
                              • -Increased intensity (brightness) of landing lights.
                              • -White vertial stabilizer and belly beacon synchronized with wing and tail strobes.
                              • -Reduced spoiler drag to a more realistic level.

                              Version 1.42

                              • Resolves issue caused by Asobo Dec 22, 2020 update to ai.cfg file that prevents NAV mode from properly holding course line and producing undesired left and right roll commands from autopilot while in NAV (and sometimes HDG) mode.

                              Version 1.41

                              • Patches V1.40 for compatibility with Asobo 12-22-2020 updates.

                              Version 1.40

                              • -All new exterior lighting upgrades from Uwajimaya including: 
                              • *Increased brightness/visibility of taxi and landing lights
                              • *Added separate volumetric landing lights to give reflections inside clouds without being overwhelming
                              • *Added alternating red/white beacon lights. In the real a/c, the white beacon is part of the recognition lights. Current FS2020 limitations prevent real-life behavior of recognition and pulse lights.
                              • *Placed the source for the logo light on top of the engines rather than in the horizontal stabilizer.
                              • *Lighting enhancements files are included in the main install folder - no separate folder or installation needed.
                              • -Improved approach and landing performance to be much closer to spec for all a/c landing weights. Vapp to 500 ft and Vref+3 (or higher) to Vref at 50 ft is now possible with a flat approach attitude. 
                              • -Refinements to control force requirements (heavier) based on IRL pilot feedback.
                              • -Further improved time to climb performance closer to IRL specs.
                              • -Revisions and fixes to bring stall annunciation speeds to near spec in all flaps configurations.
                              • -Reduced auto-throttle hunting / surging behavior during climb-out.
                              • -Further refinements to fuel consumption / thrust / N1 adjustments at cruise altitudes - optimized to be within 1% of Cessna spec fuel burn at FL430 and ISA conditions between M0.8 and M0.84.
                              • -Further improved ground handling during taxi and takeoff.
                              • -Fixed exterior pilot avatar display issue.
                              • -Fixed engine exhaust plume display issue.
                              • -Other small fixes and adjustments.

                              Version 1.30

                              • -Fuel consumption / thrust / N1 adjustments to closer match real world performance tables.
                              • -Climb performance addressed - aircraft more closely matches real world climb performance at MTOW
                              • -Restored tail logo lights omitted from prior version.
                              • -Engine starters now automatically disengage once the engines are running
                              • -Reduced rudder authority with increasing dynamic pressure and further improvements to rudder input / response
                              • -Updated / simplified pfd tape readout (override of the default cockpit.cfg)
                              • -Updated Aircraft variation in aircraft.cfg - will assist users with installation.
                              • -Adjusted flap drag performance - reduction in drag coefficient.
                              • -Adjusted g-limits to spec for the type
                              • -Increased landing light and taxi light intensity and throw distance (optional install).

                              Version 1.22 is an interim fix that restores compatibility with Asobo's latest update on November 24, 2020. Prior versions are not compatible with the latest official update. This update must be installed in order for this modification project to work. 

                              Version 1.21 is an interim fix that corrects autopilot IAS hold limit and increases roll authority for autopilot. 

                              Version 1.2 included the following improvements:

                              This is still a work in progress, but this update will address a primary concern about using liveries along with these improvements to the handling and performance of the Longitude

                              • -Simplified installation-Should now work with other Longitude liveries
                              • -Additional refinements to handling 
                              • -Addressed issue with autorotation at takeoff trim setting
                              • -Some refinements to engine performance and fuel burn
                              • -Updated autopilot limits and braking power
                              • -Corrected issue with electrical bus tie - now shows always on when engines are running

                              First effort has achieved the following:

                              • -Completedly eliminated porpoise and roll oscillations while using autopilot at all altitudes and airspeeds
                              • -Corrected aicraft weights, fuel loads, payloads, etc...
                              • -Increased number of payload stations to better approximate real-world
                              • -Modified engine performance and fuel burn rates at cruise (burns b/w 1600 to 1900 pph)
                              • -Significant reduction in the twitchy pitch, roll, and yaw sensitivities
                              • -Better approximation of takeoff, approach, landing, and stall speeds (clean and dirty)
                              • -Generally improved handling at all altitudes and airspeeds
                              • -Improved ground handling
                              • -Added a tail / logo light


                              • 1. Recommend backing up all of your default Asobo Longitude files in the \Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-longitude.
                              • 2. Over-write the original layout.json file in the \Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-longitude directory with the included new layout.json file I've provided.
                              • 2. Copy the aircraft.cfg, cockpit.cfg, engines.cfg, flight_model.cfg, and systems.cfg files into the \Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-longitude\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_Longitude directory. The cockpit.cfg file will over-write the original file (back this up if you haven't already).
                              • 3. Copy the entire Asobo_Longitude-DynamicsFixV1 Folder into your \LocalCache\Packages\Community folder. 
                              •  Go flying!

                              New / Update Install version 1.22:
                              • 1. Recommend backing up all of your default Asobo Longitude files in the \Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-longitude.
                              • 2. Over-write the "layout.json" file in the LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-longitude directory with the included new layout.json file I've provided.
                              • 3. Copy the "aircraft-longitudefdefix" Folder into your \LocalCache\Packages\Community folder. Overwrite prior version files when prompted. 
                              • 4. Go flying!

                              File Size : 141 KB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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                              1. Finnaly a decent update to my favorite bizjet on MSFS 2020.
                                Thank you.

                              2. Just flew my first flight with this mod installed. OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! It's another planet better now!!! Thank you!!!

                              3. so... I screwed it up and lost the aircraft completely. Any ideas how to fix this without the entire uninstall/reinstall? Thanks!

                                1. solo desinstalas el avión en administrador de contenidos

                              4. For some reason this mod disables the planes exterior lights. Any fix for this?

                              5. Doors. How do you open the doors or are they not modeled


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