NEW! MSFS2020 - Grumman Goose G21A Redux II Autopilot Mod - V.1.0

Hawker Hunter package for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)

Simple drag and drop installation.

Package contains 10 different marks, and a total of 22 paint schemes.

The models have different drop tank options, depending on type as follows:

Prototype - Internal fuel only
F2    - Inner 100g tanks
F3    - Internal fuel only
F4    - Inner 100g tanks
F6    - Inner & outer 100g tanks
FGA9 - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks
FR10 - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks
GA11 - Inner & outer 100g tanks
PR11 - Inner & outer 100g tanks
Mk.58    - Inner 100 or 230g & outer 100g tanks

Note! These capacities are Imperial Gallons, not US gallons as used by the sim. See below for adding fuel.

To display the tanks the payload stations must have the correct weight:

155lbs - pylon only
160lbs - pylon with 100g tank
165lbs - pylon with 230g tank.

Fuel must be set to suit in the payload editor:

Inner 100g tanks - Fill to 120g
Inner & outer 100g tanks - Fill to 240g
Inner 230g only - Fill to 276g
Inner 230 & outer 100g - Fill to 396g

Unfortunately there is no way to automatically adjust the fuel levels without using WASM.
The fuel gauges and tooltips in the cockpit are calibrated for AVTAG fuel which has a different density to Jet-A as used in the sim, so will show different values to the in-sim payload editor.

Later models include a TACAN receiver, which if switched on commands the needles on the HSI. If the TACAN is switch off, the needles indicate VOR information from NAV 1.

File Size : 5 KB- Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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