MSFS2020 - Aermacchi MB-339 HD Sound Pack - V.1.0.1

Modification of the sound comportment of the Aermacchi MB339 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

While the default aircraft use a legacy system from FSX to play the sounds, this mod replace it with the Wwise Sound Engine. This change allows to use all the powerfull capabilities of the sound engine used by Asobo in MSFS2020.

Multiple have features has been added:
- Progressive engine sound attenuation when closing canopy.
- Canopy sound animation.
- All operants cockpit instruments have now corresponding sound.
- Rattle, wind, yoke, pedals, flaps, elevator, gear (etc.) sounds.
- Sound spatialization and reverberation.

1) Locate the sounds folders of the two airplanes. It should be in your community folder, at the following path:

2) Rename these two folders from "sound" to "sound_old"
3) Add in IndiaFoxtEcho_MB339PAN and IndiaFoxtEcho_MB339A folders the Sound folder from the mod.
4) Add in IndiaFoxtEcho_MB339PAN and IndiaFoxtEcho_MB339A folders the Soundai folder from the mod.
5) Locate the layout.json file (\Community\indiafoxtecho-indiafoxtecho_mb339pan\layout.json) and rename it to "layout.json.old".
6) Add the layout.json file from the mod in the \Community\indiafoxtecho-indiafoxtecho_mb339pan\ folder.

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