[Simulator News] SceneryTR Releases Istanbul Airport for P3D

SceneryTR Design has recently released their third airport scenery for Prepar3D since releasing their first product back in 2017. This time covering the new Istanbul Airport (LTFM) opened just two years ago.

The scenery features, for example, volumetric grass, seasonal variations, hand-placed autogen, SODE jetways and VDGS support, or custom high-resolution textures. In addition to that, custom animations are present at the airport, puddle effects are present during the rain, and dynamic lighting has been done by iniBuilds. The complete feature list can be found at the end of the article.

The scenery can be purchased through SimMarket for exactly €25 excluding VAT.

Istanbul Airport (LTFM) is a fairly new airport serving the largest, though not capital, city of Turkey – Istanbul. The airport has been opened just recently, in the second half of 2018, and should now be able to accommodate over 200 million passengers. As of 2019, “only” about 52 million passengers visited the airport.

Feature list
  • Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings and its surroundings
  • Photorealistic high resolution textures on airport buildings and vehicles
  • Custom high resolution ground textures, detailed markings and seasonal  variations
  • SODE animated jetways
  • SODE VDGS support
  • 3D Taxiway signs
  • Custom airport vehicles and numerous custom static objects
  • Volumetric grass
  • Custom surroundings with seasonal  variations and hand placed autogen
  • Various effects, i.e. animated runway guard lights, smoke effects, wet/puddle effects during rain, SODE windsock, animated radars, dynamic reflections on windows, bump maps, specular shine
  • Ambient occlusion (texture baking) and custom night textures on all buildings
  • Various Dynamic Lighting effects
  • Compatible with GSX/GSX Level 2 (settings ini file supplied)

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