Update! MSFS2020 - Flight Recorder App - V.0.24

A simple recorder to record and replay flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • Record and replay in the sim
  • Change replaying speed
  • NOTE: when speeding up, your computer might not be able to load scenery fast enough and that will negatively affect frame rate.
  • Save recording into a file and load it on another computer
  • Export the recorded data into CSV for further analysis
  • Quickly jump to any place in your recording (you have to Pause Replay first)
Version 0.24
  • - Add initial support for KML export
  • - Fix issue where aileron deflection is reversed on aircraft with fly-by-wire system (e.g. A320, F/A18) (thanks @till213, the creator of the excellent Sky Dolly replay software, for figuring this out and sharing the solution with me)
    Version 0.23
    • - Add support for trimming
    • - Allow seeking before starting replay
      Version 0.22
      • - Add a new shortcut key combination to Save the recording, with an option to set a default folder to save silently without prompting
      Version 0.20
      • - Record & replay prop lever position
      • - Record & replay gyro heading to fix issue with heading indicator (for old recording, magnetic heading will be used instead)
      • - Automatically save recorded data if Flight Recorder crashes, allow restoring on the next load
      • - Bundle VC runtime to resolve SimConnect initialization issue
      Version 0.18.2
      • - Add logging of currentFrame when starting replay
      • - Fix crash after replaying as AI with invalid livery name
      • - Allow starting the replay from the middle for the recording
      • - Allow clicking longitude/latitude/altitude to copy the value
      • - Record more variable for ACS standard
      • - Record & replay ACCELERATION BODY to further smooth out AI replay
      • - Fix crashes when Flight Recorder is still in connected state after MSFS is closed
        Version 0.17
        • - Change saved flight file extension to .fltrec so it won't be trimmed off by Discord
        • - Fix crashes
          Version 0.15
          • Store aircraft info in saved recording
            Version 0.14
            • - Improve Saving/Loading to support much longer recordings
            • - Fix crashes when Pausing and Resuming before the first frame is started
              Version 0.12.1
              • - Potential fix for a crash on Resume Replay
                Version 0.12
                • - Show Landing Rate in Show Data section
                • - Fix an issue where the gears of some jets sink to the ground if the recording is stopped in the air (thanks Steeler2340 for the suggestion)
                • - Fix crashes when saving or exporting onto a locked file

                Version 0.11.1
                • - Fix crashes when closing the tool or the sim while recording
                • - Add x0.25 speed
                • - Allow using certain functions when SimConnect is not connected
                • - Add confirmation prompt when a recording can be lost/overwritten
                • - Allow stopping replay while pausing
                  Version 0.10
                  • Add a button to keep the tool on top
                  • Fix artifact when rolling or pitching in acrobatics
                  • Fix repeating toggling of switches in certain configuration in the A320
                  • Fix crashes when trying to load invalid files
                    Version 0.9
                    • Allow changing replay speed (NOTE: when speeding up your computer might not be able to load scenery fast enough and will negatively affect frame rate)
                    • Enforce single instance
                    • Improve chart rendering for long flight
                    • Fix a crash when the time handle is drag to the last frame

                    Current Limitations and Other Notes
                    • When starting a replay, your aircraft might be teleported to a far away location which doesn't have loaded terrain. This means the ground can jump up/down really quickly and you might get a crash (not CTD) due to damaged landing gear. Disable crash detection might be a good idea if you frequently replay your flight.
                    • I don’t know a reliable way to tell if an engine is running or not, so this tool does not auto-start the engine (because it doesn’t know when). Hence, you should start recording/replaying when engine is already running (or the aircraft will move without a running engine) and stop recording before turning off the engine (not really a problem, but the tool might not shut the engine down for you). Not doing that won't prevent you from replaying or using any features, but replay can look like your aircraft is powered by magic ;).
                    • Replay looks weird when turning on the ground. I’m not so sure what is happening there yet.
                    • To prevent fighting with MSFS own calculation, the tool sends freeze command when you start replay and unfreeze when you stop replay. This means replaying might conflict with other tools leverating the same freeze feature (e.g. YourControl when you are not in control, other replay tools).
                    File Size : 65 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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