Update! MSFS2020 - FSX Converted Concorde Aircraft For FS2020 - V.0.3


  • You must use the legacy flight model or else the plane will not take off.
  • Simple drag and drop in your community folder.
  • Most cockpit instruments do work with the exception of radios.
  • Windows do work.
  • Droop nose is in sync with flaps. 
  • Gears do function as intended.
Version 0.3
  • Whoops in the previous version I forgot to include the instruments.
  • Fixed missing cockpit displays
    Version 0.2
    • - Edited sound files so isn't to cause ear injuries
    • - Created a smaller package size
    • - Got rid of blinding white overhead panel
    • - Fixed phantom textures on left and right window
    Known Issues:
    • No clickable buttons as this is a current limitation with Legacy Importer.
    • Outside lights do work but I still need to work on them to look more like the real thing. (They are only red) 
    • Aircraft pitches up.  (Trim down a bit to help alleviate this issue)
    • Weird text artifacts. (Still in the process of finding the source)
    • TCAS lights up at times. (Still looking for this source)

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