Update! MSFS2020 - Enhanced Live Traffic Mod - Using Real-Rime Data V.3.0.3

Enhanced Live Traffic is a standalone Flight Simulator add-on that injects accurate live traffic into your game! Once you are spawned in the world, you can open the application, click connect and see all the live traffic. Without this add-on, you might see a lack of live traffic, or the live traffic is delayed. This add-on solves this. Please note that it might take up to 10 seconds after clicking "Connect" for the traffic to appear in-game.

Unzip the file
Configure Config/ModelMatching.json to your needs (You don't need to insert your liveries here! Only planes.)
Open Enhanced Live Traffic.exe
Press Connect, once your simulator is loaded and your plane is spawned in.

Version 3.0.3
  • - Various quality of life improvements
  • - Various quality of life improvements
  • - Quality of life improvements
    Version 2.3
    • Better model matching for B737
    • Altitude should now match real life
      Version 2.2.1
      • Add virgin rocket support: flightsimsquadron.com
        Version 2.2
        • Added a User Manual
        • Fixed the flying aircraft
        • Better model matching
          Version 2.1
          • Better model matching for IVAO and 3rd party planes
          • Height of the planes should be more accurate now
            Version 2.0
            • You can now view all the aircraft that are spawned in the application.
            • Further improved IVAO liveries support
              Version 1.9
              • Fixed airplane flight level.
              • Added more planes to model matching
              • Added support for IVAO Liveries

              Model Matching
              This application supports custom model matching

              Go to: Config/ModelMatching.json
              Edit the file accordingly.

              How to edit?
              How does model matching work? Lets say the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is detected, the modelmatcher will now search for an aircraft with the key: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, this will return Boeing 787-10 ("Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner": "Boeing 787-10" as seen in the json file).
              The modelmatcher will now append the livery name, lets say "KLM", this results in: Boeing 787-10 KLM, if this livery is found, it will use this aircraft, if it isn't, it will fallback to: Boeing 787-10 Default (It appends default to the value gotten from the key),
              When getting Boeing 787-10 Default it will return Boeing 787-10 Asobo and use this aircraft.
              File Size : 2 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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              1. app works well and effective generating the Real world traffic into the sim with no delay... basically pretty good fidelity in that matter[i check on flightradar24 usually]
                ... even for GA aviation, in small airports, thats pretty cool stuff..!

                But i cant get the variety of models and liveries...

                planes are freezing and then jumping to next position... that happens all the time...
                many times when they touchdown they just disappear instead of taxing to apron or gates..

                I cant get any liveries working , all my traffic is the blank A320neo asobo...
                another thing is.. almost all airliner is spawn as A320neo... even the B737...

                can u explain better the ''Configure Config/ModelMatching.json to your needs (You don't need to insert your liveries here! Only planes.'' part.. how do we adjust this file?

                how to install the liveries properly? and even more important to me is.. .how to fix the MODEL/SPAWNED acft? The liveries doenst affect much to me... but when u see a B350 being spawned as TBM930 or vice versa,,, thats quite weird... is there any code we can change for that? any possibility of updating this matching with acft we can download for AI traffic use purposes for example ?

                thanks for the great work... and for sharing this...


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