Update! MSFS2020 - PMP Airbus A321 Freeware Aircraft Download - V.3.2.1

The Canadian Mods A321 Is a work in progress and is not perfect. be aware that something will not work with this plane, but the majority of it does. credit goes to the a32nx team for the cockpit and other files. this plane will ONLY WORK WITH A32NX V0.4.2. this mod applies to all Xbox game content usage rules and is 100 percent legal.

MSFS2020 - Airbus A321 Liveries Pack V.2.0 [HD +50 Liveries]

MSFS2020 - PMP Airbus A321 Improvement Mod


        • Updated with SU6 and SU7 plus some flight model parameters.
        • Fix for SU7


        • Lighting improvements
        • CG Position Fixed - fixed CDU CG bugs
        • CDU Ident Page Fixed


        • Volume level fixed
        • New livery added
        • New Paint-Kit added
        • New template added with new paint kit


        • 1. Corrected thumbnails
        • 2. Improved flight model during all stages of flight - there are some nice changes here and it has fixed a lot of small annoyances.
        • 3. Engines start correctly when spawning on runway - no more cold and dark!
        • 4. Fuel consumption has been patched to consume more accurate values to the IAE engines


        • Its been weeks in the making, but our A321-200 Version 2 is now available! The plane features a brand new flight model, accurate IAE engine sounds, improved lighting, accurate door positioning so jetways connect properly, brand new 4k textures, and more!
        • Better yet, the plane works with either the default A320 cockpit or any version of the FBW A32nx, and will automatically use what you have installed.
        • Due to a lack of support from FBW, we can not address any bugs that arise due to its use. We haven't seen any in our testing though so it works great as of now!


        • A321 Updated To Stable Release of A32nx
        • We have updated the a321 to use the latest stable release of A32nx, 0.4.2. 

        Known Bug:

        • Issue: Screens can turn black when loading in on a runway
        • Fix: Start APU, and wait a few mins, a "self test" message should appear soon after

        How to install:

        Microsoft flight simulator directory > Community > Drag + Drop this file


        Converted from FSX, Created by Canadian Mods &  Aircraft Mega Pack

        Cockpit created by A32nx Team and Asobo - Aircraft Offered Under GPLv3 License

        MSFS 2020 ©️ Microsoft Corporation, Created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from FSX and MSFS, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft, Read More Here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules


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