MSFS2020 - VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Scenery, India - V.2.0 [4K]

Welcome Myself Alkee. This is my first ever airport work so i started with my home airport. Aviation in the Mumbai region dates back as far as 1932, when mail planes used the Juhu air strip, less than 3 miles / 2 km from the actual site of the city's airport today. In 1940, Mumbai decided to find an alternative site and a spot was chosen at Santa Cruz and Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport was born. Used by the military during the war years, Mumbai Airport was managed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation from 1946 onwards and in 1958, a new terminal was opened.

In 1972, the operation of Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) was taken over by the International Airports Authority of India and expansion plans were soon implemented over the next three decades. By the turn of the new millennium, the airport had grown to become the busiest in the whole of India.

Both the domestic and the international terminals at Mumbai International Airport offer extensive passenger and visitor facilities. These services include cashpoint machines, exchange desks and postal services throughout, while snack bars and restaurants provide sustenance, along with a series of vending machines. Duty-free shopping is also available, together with left luggage facilities in both terminals, medical services, quiet rooms, a Telecom center, television screens and child care rooms.

Business centers and executive lounges are available at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for the exclusive use of business-class passengers. Conference facilities are to be found at the nearby Leela Kempinski Hotel, with is less than 1 mile / 1.5 km away and can be reached in minutes.

  • 1)Added Missing gates
  • 2)Added Night Lights to each gates and taxiway.
  • 3)Made Boundary and reworked on the surrounding area
  • 4)Accurate ground detailing
  • 5)taxi signs and taxi way are assigned according to real world chart.
  • 6)Wind sock position accurate to real world.
  • 7)All ground vehicles will follow service path instead of taxi line
  • 8)All GA aircrafts have given a separate location in the airport with small hangars next to it.
  • 9)All Cargo Plane have given a separate location in the airport with cargo hangars in front of it.
  • 10)Custom Glass Jetway for T2 Terminal
  • 11)Added Realistic Accurate ATC tower with Animated Beacon
  • 12)Added Decals to Parking stand, gates and Runway
  • 13)The scenery is been optimized
  • 15)Animated Wigwag light on Every hold short point
  • 16)Added Poles with Respective Gate number and their actual co-ordinates
Just drag and drop the sub folder vabb-alkee folder from vabb-alkee.rar into your community folder. (Note :- If you have previous version of my airport delete it and add this new file "vabb-alkee' instead.

This scenery is tested thoroughly with all possible configuration.

Special Thanks to:-

1)Captain Rithesh Kanade      (#captrithesh)   
2)Richeek Dey                              (#DrivenImpala) 
3)Maksim Brykov                        (#Mugz)
4)Saif Salahuddin                       (#Saif )
5)Shyam Murali                           (#Butt3rChick3n)
6)Hariraj Rathod                         (#Dakku) 
7)Aditya                                          (#adi_boi)
8) Parshva                                     (#Parshva8888)
9) Manan                                        (#iamspirit320)
10) Avinash                                   (#rcavinash123)                          

And all the members of FlightSim India in discord without you guys this airport wouldn’t be looking this GREAT!!!
Mod Creator : Alkee15

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