NEW! MSFS2020 - Fenix Airbus A320 External Landing Lights Adjustments Mod - V.1.1.1

This is an addon which makes the Landing Lights of the Fenix a320ceo brighter.

There will be 3 options for you to choose with different ranges and intensitiys!

If you decide to uninstall this addon you just have to drang & drop the "fnx-aircraft-a320" file from the "backup (Fenix default settings)" folder into your Community folder.

Bug fixes:
  • Lights in cockpit while Landing Lights are on bug has been fixed!

You have to Import the addon again after the Fenix update to let this addon work propperly!


1. Choose ONE of the 3 files which you think would be the best for you (screenss of every file are linked in the mod page)

2. Locate your Community folder and Drag & Drop the fnx-aircraft-320 (located in the little/medium/large folder) in there.

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