Update! MSFS2020 - Air Creation 582SL Ultralight - V.0.3.0 Download

Features and issues:

  • – original model and textures
  • – single livery
  • – arcade flight model
  • – gauges experimental method rendering
  • – landing light work (L key by default), strobe (O), headlight in first person view (does not affect gauges surfaces)
  • – realistic specifications (weight, dimensions, engine power)
  • – possibility to fly with motor or glide (just remove payload and fuel)
  • - AI enhanced textures

  • – launch installer
  • – check which features you want to be installed
  • – select folder with installed or unpacked Microsoft Flight Simulator X (it should contain SimObjects directory)
  • – press Next
  • – select Community folder inside of \Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020]\HLM_Packages\
  • – press Next
  • – FSX files will be copied from source folder first, then required CFG and HTML files unpacked for normal gameflow into MSFS2020, last – JSON files will be generated by command line application.


  • * Update option added to installer
  • * Textures upscaled
  • * Take off issue fixed


  • Cockpit gauges added

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